Janet Martin

Practice Manager
Whitmore Dental, Plano, Texas

Having an extensive background in dental practice management culminating over 30 years in the field, I was excited to take my knowledge and patient care to the next level.  My current practice was introduced to the Niche System, and two colleagues who helped us master that new/next level!

Jenni is the mastermind behind developing the emotion of “why” people want to enhance their smile and improve their dental health.  Working closely with her over the past five years she has developed communication techniques to help our patients express what it is they truly want, and the benefit they see from it, often, spending thousands of dollars on their oral health.

Kristin, also a master at the systems behind the “why”.  Starting with the new patient phone call to the collection of data, she knows her numbers! Jenni and Kristin have exceeded my expectations because of their passion, and commitment to success! When I think of Exceptional in every aspect of dentistry, I think of how Elevate Practice Consulting can take you, and your team to the next level!

After finishing the basic Niche Practice Seminar, my team and I needed additional coaching specific to us for the best implementation of their protocols. At the same time, making significant changes in our practice structure uncovered weakness in team communication as well as with my leadership of the practice. For me, working with Jenni and Kimrey was a no-brainer. Jenni has an incredible way to intently listen and teach all of us the art of patient engagement in the process of providing exceptional dental care, and every time we train with her I learn so much.

Kimrey was able to discover where the weaknesses were in team communication, and has continued to grow our communication skills as the changing team roles require exceptional collaborative efforts all day, every day.

Both Jenni and Kimrey have been constantly available to us, both during scheduled weekly training sessions, as well as by phone, text, and email between those sessions as our needs arose. I really feel like my practice success is THEIR mission as well as mine. I look forward to continued partnership with both of these amazing women as we keep working to ELEVATE our practice further.

Dr. Andrea Stevens

Dr. Andrea Stevens Dentistry
Kanata, Ontario

Dr. George Sepiashvili

Advanced Dentistry
Mohegan Lake, New York

I’ve been working with Jenni, Kristin and Kimrey for a number of years. It has been a transformative experience for me both personally and professionally.

Jenni’s coaching, Kristin’s hands on guidance and Kimrey’s man management skills have continuously improved my practice. I have been able to grow the practice, achieve goals, improve team work, increase efficiency and navigate some challenging times with their help and guidance.

My team and I work less, do better and more satisfying dentistry in a more relaxed environment while making more money thanks to their involvement.

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