Jennifer Moseley

Founder & Sales Guru

Jenni Moseley has been in the dental field for nearly 20 years, since she was in her mid 20s. However her career first began in the financial world and then she used those skills to transition into the world of dental sales. She has seen the business from many angles, because she started initially filing paperwork, and worked her way up to an assistant and finally a dental hygienist. She was drawn to the ability of dentistry to change people’s lives and she loved to be part of that transformation. She was frustrated in traditional dental practices, which seemed to be missing this potential.

She joined Beyond Exceptional Dentistry’s team 10 years ago, and quickly mastered and helped shape the patient-centered Elevate practice approach. She came to understand the core values of the Elevate Practice systems: offer dentistry people truly want, provide the services people deserve, and find the people who genuinely value quality dentistry.

Jenni is currently manager and partner to the dental practice that provides more neuromuscular and aesthetic dentistry than any practice in the world. She is truly the director for all the sales and production of a multi-million dollar practice, she trains her team along with other teams across the country to hone their skills to have their patients say “YES”!

Specialties: Partner and Manager of Beyond Exceptional Dentistry, National Speaker, Certified Dental Hygienist, Sales Training, Production Coordinator, In-tentful Conversations Trainer, Call Training Specialist

Words of praise for Jenni…

Jenni is the epitome of dynamic. She evokes desires and motivates personal and professional growth. I, and I’m sure the rest of this team sees this. What I have also seen over the years, is her professional growth as a successful business owner. I call her an owner because no matter what she pursues professionally, she will always be successful because she is dynamic and she “owns” whatever she does. She is not perfect, and because she is such a strong presence it is hard for people to give her constructive criticism. And I believe, it is hard for her to hear it, but from what I’ve seen over the years she does hear it, and she wants to hear it so she can grow from it. She knows her own weaknesses, although they aren’t very evident to others. Jenni has put in play here business intuitiveness and change strategies that I’ve only read about in business classes. It is amazing to watch and an honor to be a part of it. 

I had my first one-on-one coaching with Miss Jenni at the end of March- beginning of April and I’ve learned new effective strategies to do consultations and was able to convert consultation to examination the same visit. I am learning to build a better relationship with the patient to understand their dental priorities better. This month so far we have $418k in collections and will collect more next week.

From the moment I started working with Jenni and Elevate, my life changed forever. It didn’t get easier, in fact, it got much harder. But with discomfort comes growth, and a heck of a lot more fulfillment!

This mentorship helped me discover what I was created to do and improve my self-awareness. With this new sense of empowerment, I have strengthened the relationships in my life, walked away from one that wasn’t right, and most importantly strengthened my faith. The inspiration y’all have given me to better myself will keep being used to lift up the lives of others!

Jenni has challenged me to go beyond my comfort level and to dig deeper, see more and hear more than I ever thought possible. I am really enjoying not only helping our practice grow but helping our patients enjoy life-changing experiences as well.”