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    Here’s your 2022 sales blueprint
    to win more profit
    while seeing fewer patients

Elevate Effect Series Seminars

Specific, deployable, proven strategies for premium dental practices

Sales  |  Operations  |  Teamwork

The act of taking the first step is what separates the winners from the losers. ― Brian Tracy

Here‘s what you’ll take home:

  • Learn how to properly bring new patients into your office
  • Develop a plan for selling bigger cases
  • Plan an efficient practice-wide sales process
  • Know how to instruct your team to expertly handle customer objections
  • Be able to quantify the operational and financial benefits of your professionally crafted sales strategy
  • Know how to incentivize your team with maximum effectiveness
  • Receive a fail proof step by step new patient system to turn routine procedures to high-value (high profit) cases
  • How to double your revenue in 2022 while seeing half the patients
  • Have 60% more time (and money) to spend with your family in the first year

The next seminar happens on February 18-19, 2022 in Denver, Colorado

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What is the Elevate Effect Series?

Designed to guide premium dental practices toward winning and retaining high-value patients, this education series delivers specific deployable strategies in the areas of Sales, Operations, and Teamwork .

Who is it for?

Elevate Effect Series events are specifically designed for dental practices who are positioning themselves as the elite, premium service offering in their local markets – with the distinct goal of earning more revenue while seeing fewer patients.

Why should you attend?

You and your team will gain immediately executable, proven life-changing activities to help premium dental practices win. Each session involves a primary topic of focus, but also touching on best practices throughout your operation.

“Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation.”
– Zig Ziglar

Featuring Dr. Ryan Reeves

It’s important to know that our team is on the front lines, in practice, working the dentistry trade every day.

Where typical dentists treat the problems, Reeves’ process looks at long-term goals, underlying issues and whole health. The treatments are progressive, working patients toward their end goals, both aesthetic and physiological.

“If treatments need to be done to correct functional problems and the byproduct is a younger looking face, it’s a win-win.”

Our Next Series Seminar

February 18-19, 2022

Location to be determined

Denver, Colorado

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February 18-19, 2022

Denver, Colorado

April 8-9, 2022

Savannah, GA

August 5-6, 2022

Charlotte, NC


Savannah, GA

Past Events – Evolution Series & MasterClass

MasterClass 2021 – See You At The Top

November 12-13, 2021
Savannah, GA

Guest Presenter – Dr. Shawn Keller

Guest Presenter – Dr. Jeffrey Haddad

Guest Presenter – Dr. Ryan Reeves