Our Story

Elevate was a destiny of sorts, founded on a deep-down belief in aligning with great people.

“I believe with all my heart in earning, rather than expecting what you want in life! Success is 100% earned” – Jenni Moseley, Founder

Jenni’s original move to Savannah, GA had nothing to do with her degree as a dental hygienist, but simply an intense desire to work alongside the most brilliant and innovative dentists in the business.

A sales gig at a top-end dental practice was her stepping stone to bigger and better things. Over the years, she’s continued to draw on the brilliance of her colleagues and improve herself every day…because that’s just what Jenni does, always!

She turned a $2.75 million practice valuation into $7.5 million…and her phone started ringing. Elevate was born. 

Along with Jenni’s colleague Kristin McCann, they learned that their winning sales training methodologies could be shared with other elite dental practices with similar effect.

Kristin brought a specialization in business technology and practice operations. They were a match made in heaven. 

Together, the team recognized a killer opportunity:
While medical professionals are brilliant and highly skilled in their craft, they often lack the time and/or infrastructure to win those top end customers that they deserve.

It turns out that lots of business problems are solved by winning more high-lifetime-value customers!

Today, Elevate brings proven sales and operational strategies to select dental practices across the country. But not every practice fits the mold – The duo needs to vote unanimously that your practice is worthy of some “Elevate Magic”. 

Those lucky enough to work with Elevate continue to sing their praise – and not just for the financial returns. Practice owners and their teams experience nothing short of an incredible quality of life – less stress, more free time, better clients, and increased income.

Such lofty benefits are only ultimately achieved with a laser-sharp focus on details, expertly executed with a winning company culture. 

In Jenni’s words, “If it was easy, then everyone would do it. The incredible success you’ll achieve working with Elevate is 100% earned”.